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Freight Forwarding
Seamless Global Shipping Solutions: Trust Magen Logistics for your freight forwarding needs. Whether it's air, road, or ocean, we handle shipments of all sizes with professionalism. From Uganda to the world, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.
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Export Management
Expand with Ease: Let us take care of your export activities. Our competent staff handles negotiations and complex administrative tasks, ensuring smooth international shipments of your goods. Magen Logistics simplifies your journey to international markets.
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Customs Clearing
Effortless Customs Clearance: At ports of entry and exit, we manage all customs clearing processes. Our experts handle documentation, customs examination, and duty payments. Once cleared, we ensure prompt delivery of your cargo.
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Transit Cargo Management
Hassle-Free Transit Solutions: Moving goods through Uganda to other tax jurisdictions? Count on Magen Logistics for speedy and secure transit. We arrange transit bonds and ensure duty-free passage for your cargo.
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Trucking and Commercial Distribution
Reliable Trucking Services: Say goodbye to fleet expenses. Our trusted carriers deliver heavy and light cargo across Uganda. Additionally, we provide commercial distribution assistance for your products within the country.
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Bonded Warehousing
Safe and Convenient Storage: Gain access to our bonded warehouses for temporary storage of imported goods. Magen Logistics offers Removal in Bond (RIB) and Removal in Transit (RIT) services for smooth movement of your cargo.
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Global Procurement Made Simple: Simplify your sourcing process with our worldwide procurement services. Magen Logistics coordinates and manages goods and services acquisition from suppliers in different countries.
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MAGEN LOGISTICS is a client centered clearing and forwarding company that is passionate about serving its clients with excellence in meeting their unique needs by providing end to end (source to destination) services of the logistics and clearing value chain. The concept of freight forwarding may seem complex and foreign to most but at Magen logistics, we ensure that the flow and management of the consignment, warehousing, processing, deployment, transportation, tracking and storage service is not only seamless for our clients but also simplified. Not only are our services being tailor made to suit our clients’ needs but are rendered with diligence and passion, as we keep our clients at heart and endeavor to be responsive and proactive at all times. Our company is perfect fit for general traders and any other operations that requires the transfer of goods and equipment around the globe and within Uganda.

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Testimonial 1
Testimonial 15 Stars
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Magen Logistics handled my export management flawlessly! Their team took charge of negotiations and paperwork, making international shipping a breeze. I felt confident as my goods reached global markets smoothly, all thanks to their competence and dedication. I'm thrilled to have found a reliable partner in Magen Logistics.
Testimonial 2
Testimonial 25 Stars
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Customs clearance was a headache until I found Magen Logistics. They handled all documentation and examination promptly, ensuring my cargo cleared smoothly. Their expertise saved me time and money. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of efficient customs solutions.
Testimonial 3
Testimonial 35 Stars
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Trucking and distribution have never been more effortless! Magen Logistics partnered with reliable carriers, delivering my cargo across Uganda seamlessly. Their cost-effective approach eliminated the need for maintaining my own fleet. Their customer-centric service is unmatched.
Testimonial 4
Testimonial 45 Stars
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Magen Logistics' bonded warehousing was a lifesaver. I had temporary storage needs for imported goods, and they provided secure, convenient solutions. Their RIB and RIT services were flawless, making movement hassle-free. I couldn't be happier with their outstanding support.
Testimonial 5
Testimonial 55 Stars
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Project management with Magen Logistics was a game-changer. Their team expertly optimized my project budget throughout its stages. From initiation to completion, they provided seamless coordination and exceeded my expectations. Working with them was a pleasure, and I'll surely return for future logistics needs.
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